Friday, February 3, 2012

you dear, than I love you with all my folly

you dear, than I love you with all my folly

These words are part of my folly in love, because I did not have anything I can give you. Forgive me if it is just a stupid word I keep learn to love you, if I had wished to challenge you I hope you understand. words of love that we give to the people we love. These special words of love for my boyfriend who has been motivating and encouraging to me.
said the word love is an expression of my love for this to her lover. I hope through writing this love to grow on me.
said these quotes are feelings of love for this to him. But the magnitude of my love my love for him does not exceed the power of the universe. in love again for my friend who did not misread this article. hopefully in love with her pal added

Word quotes about love

If you love someone
Try to show what it is
because true love can always be
Receive Advantages and Disadvantages
Happy just to people who understand the meaning of love,
As Love is going to give color to life
A drop of hatred in the hearts
Would have led to suffering
But a drop of love in the deep recesses of the heart
will bring true happiness
Lust will only provide a moment of happiness
but a sincere and true love will give
happiness forever
Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness
Wise lover does not appreciate a gift from her boyfriend
For love of the giver
Love to enter pleasure in being together
sadness in the parting of hope in tomorrow's joy in the hearts
Love comes to those who still have hope, even though they have been let down. To those who still believe, even though they had been betrayed. To those who still want to love, even though they've been hurt before and To those who have the courage and conviction to build back trust
If you want something, position yourself to receive a thing, because he would not come if you yourself are not ready to accept
Do not play games with someone who is representing the meaning of love, because you'll be sorry when he went to leave.

Learn to give thanks of the good things in your life. Learn to be stronger than the bad things in your life.
Nothing in perfect, stop looking for it. If a person understands and loves you long to be, you and he deserves together.
When a woman is acting like he lg snub you, that's when you need it most

you dear, than I love you with all my folly

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so true to love and love will be true to you.

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