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Note: the loyalty of a wife

Note: the loyalty of a wife
the loyality of a wife to her husband
Note: the loyalty of a wife
the loyalty of a wife

every man must expect to have a faithful wife, the story below mengishkan about a faithful wife to her husband. read this story one inspired to record the story of the unfaithful wife. How fortunate her husband, and how his wife sacrificed Rala. The following story of a wife's fidelity to the suaninya, may make you becoming a faithful husband or wife is unfaithful. amen

This story is about the loyality of a wife to her husband

A wife struggling to help her husband is a teacher who was paralyzed in a way to hold to the place of teaching for over 17 years

Du Chanyun was a teacher in the village Dakou Liushan city, precisely in the interior mountains Tuniu. Chanyun is a beacon of hope than 500 families are scattered in villages Dakou.

In 1981, after graduating high school, when the age of 19 years, Chanyun decided to become an elementary school teacher in the village Dakou. Nancao man from the village, Henan Province is a persistent teacher. For ten years, every month he only received a salary of teachers at RB. 6.5 (or approximately Rp. 7,000, -).

One day, in 1990, disaster struck him. When it is summer. Rainstorm wetting her school classroom. Typically, in the summer holidays, the people in the village that raised money to repair schools, Du Chanyun so eager to work, rain was still working to move the stone, the whole body was soaking wet. Finally, one day, he fell sick, very sick and tired because of rain.

Unfortunately, after recovering she got her she was not able to be made up again. Left side of the body can not be driven. Still, he worried, teaching will become a distant dream for him.

His wife, Li Zhengjie feel the hearts of her husband. To placate it, Li said, "You do not worry, you can not walk, to the stage were I will carry you," he said a woman from the village who are illiterate.

Supporting Husband
Inevitably, Li's family responsibilities. Every day, he had to carry her husband to become a teacher of home to school a distance of 6 miles. Since 1 September 1990, Li's schedule live like this. Every day starts early in the morning, Li Zhengjie rice wake, wake up four members of his family and prepare their food. After eating, he had to hold her husband left to teach.

Along the way, Li grabbing, crawling to fall up until arriving at the school. At school, Li puts her husband in a chair and then menitip message to a rather large number of students then hurry home. Understandably, the house is still there waiting for rice to be done.
Since taking responsibility mengendong her husband, there are two things she fears most is summer and winter.

Du Chanyun house located on the South West schools, although the distance from home to school is only 3 miles, but there is no other way, apart from street rat, with a scattering of rocks, twigs of trees, small streams.

On a summer day, back then, just heavy rain, Li Zhengjie like holding her husband's regular day off. River water was abundant cover his feet grind stone. Li Zhengjie been carefully groping stepping stone, but is not presumed he slipped. Rushing river currents sweep them to 10 yards more. Fortunately restrained by a tree branch across the river upstream. After approximately half an hour, his father who was worried about eventually come looking, they are withdrawn, the son and new daughter were rescued. Li escaped from death threats.

In recent years, Li continued to hold her husband's Zhengjie. I do not know how many times he fall up. Once her husband fell in the down position. Li Zhengjie sometimes fall in the down position. One day, Li Zhengjie have an idea, every fall he dropped his first attempt to hold the heavy rocks that block.

Zhengjie Li has struggled to help her husband day and night. He worked hard and tired. The husband, seeing clearly that his wife struggle. Du Chanyun heart felt pity.

In 1993, Du Chanyun bad start to his wife plan to ask for a divorce. She was the wife did not suffer. To achieve this goal, he changed his character, purposely because he sought to fight. Du Chanyun, began to scold. Of course Li Zhengjie feel depressed. After 2 times the big fuss, they really are getting a divorce.

On the day that awaited divorce, Li Zhengjie carrying her husband to ride a bike. He was very careful pushing her husband to the local village. Everyone is familiar with a couple known this familiar. When he saw the look of both, all the people getting excited. "I never saw a woman holding her husband to the headman asked for a divorce, you go home," said the village.

After the commotion settled divorce request, Li Zhengjie just say a word to her husband. "Although you will not get up again, I also will carry you to the old."

No truant Teaching
Conditions in schools where teaching is very severe Chanyun Du. However, both pairs of husband and wife can give a good education for the children. At the school, education is less bik. No musical instruments and no polyclinic. But Du Guangyun using leaves to make music for the children. Li Zhengjie up the mountain looking for herb medicine, in the summer she cooks cooling medicine for the children, cook in the winter anti-flu drugs for children.
Under the help of his wife, in 17 years, day after day, not hindered by the wind the rain, do not skip even once.

One thing that is encouraging, the data collected from the school principal about the results of state exams in April, the rate of students who graduated from elementary school reaches 100%. Last year when the college entrance exam, there are 4 students who had once taught him get into college, this year there are 4 more to pass the entry into specialist.

Note: the loyalty of a wife

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