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Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women

Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women
Note: Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women
Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women

Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women
There are several reasons that make men attractive to women tarlihat glance. And according to experience there are several reasons that make the man glanced at the woman. We must know the reason it's so we can adjust ourselves so that we do not hurt and can adjust. Let us discuss the reasons with man glanced at the woman.

Often times the women shook their heads when they saw the couple did not take her eyes off her sexy-bodied woman with a wild look. No one actually, because the attraction between men and women are triggered by many things. As a creature in need of reproduction and breeding, then we'll see what they want the men in the psychological and biological factors. Women with any factor that could attract the attention of men.
Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women

Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women

 1. Secrets of Color Red It has often been discussed about the color red as a color that catches the attention of men. If there are women who dare to wear red 'spicy' automatic signal will be directly radiated to pull him. This is proven by research conducted Niesta Andrew Elliot and Daniela, the color red is the color that became a symbol of love, passion, and a more intimate relationship. In the animal world, the red color is defined as a symbol of marriage. This indicates, red is the color of the most naturally attractive to men.
 2. Attractiveness Waist And Hips In the natural sequence from the biological perspective since the days of ancient man, a woman must be fertile and the media can give offspring. This became the basis of why men like a certain ratio of waist and hip size (though many of those who do not know why). Based on the research of Dr.. Devendra Singh of the University of Cambridge found that waist circumference by 70% the size of your hips is the perfect size that can make a man crazy. The measure is the right size for a woman to conceive and give birth. Even if she is overweight 5 -10 kg, provided that the ratio of waist and hips, not the problem.
 3. Size Eyes And Mouth The eyes and mouth also became part of the selective nature of a man in finding the ideal woman. Research conducted by Michael Cunningham found that men liked the female's mouth the size of half of the width of the face. As for the eyes, the men chose the wide eyes as a marker of femininity. In addition, the wide eyes could be a good marker that the woman is healthy and can produce offspring that are also healthy.
 4. Body Shape Since the early humans, men are always looking for a sexual partner who is fertile and his eyes glanced at the bodies of women who are considered ideal and fertile for them. Information from a woman's body shape will indicate whether they can get pregnant and give offspring. Research conducted by Jaime negotiate, Carin Perilloux and David Buss gives the result that when given the man a short time to assess the woman from the photos, they tend to choose a woman with a sexy body rather than assessing the woman's face.
 5. Nature of Empathy Already a hereditary legacy that female empathy levels far above the men. It is also evident from the results of research conducted by Daniel Nettle of the University of Newcastle. The research proves that women are better in terms of empathy, they already have this trait as the basis of other properties and embodied in the form of hospitality. Why did these men choose women with good empathy? Because they need a superior woman who could improve the welfare and survival of their children in a long time.
 6. Vibration Ovulation The men can be very crazy about women who are in a time of ovulation. Even if she does not tell you this, the biological signals emitted by a woman who was in the time of ovulation would be caught by the men. Research conducted by Saul Miller and Jon Maner indicates that at this time, the pheromone or the woman's natural scent will smell, increased testosterone levels and thrilling the men to engage in relationships.
 7. A value of Sacrifice Although this looks silly points at once old-fashioned, but research conducted Vladas Griskevicius from Arizona State University found that when they result in a heart condition that was romantic and overgrown with flowers of love, the women will stand up and do something that is more generous to the men . And he will assess the extent of the generosity of the woman given to him. From the other hand, it is often a negative effect for women as a deception of a man who wanted 'something' from the woman, whether it be money, and so forth.
 8. Award Is A Price In domestic life is long, then the appreciation of the pair is most needed by men. A healthy long term relationship will be stained a variety of mismatches but must be properly terminated by both parties. Women who can appreciate a man is more value for long-term relationship. While the attitude of demanding and full of criticism will make a man leave the woman. A marriage expert John Gottman says that the expression for mutual respect on the basis of a spouse is a form of relationship satisfaction.
 9. Face The Fair If at point 4 is said that men prefer women with sexy body when asked to assess in a short time, then the face of a woman becomes a man to produce an assessment of the decision to commit. Scientists from the University of Austin he found the result that 75% of men choose women with attractive faces as the most important factor. Results were corroborated with the results of research from the Kinsey Institute. The men choose women with attractive faces because they will often see the face of their partner during intercourse. Therefore, the face becomes the most important factor for men who will choose a woman as his life partner. The face of interest here of course can not be described as anything, because the beauty of the face is not an absolute. So important for women to treat the body as well as develop their personality. Because there is no doubt, psychological and biological factors is an important asset. So also for men.

Reasons That Make Men Looking at Women

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