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tips: youthful drug is efficacious and simple

tips: youthful drug is efficacious and simple

tips: youthful drug is efficacious and simple 
Everyone will want to always look young and healthy. How to keep body and facial skin rejuvenation many people do to get the body and facial skin look young and healthy, including trying a wide range of cosmetic products that are sometimes even less good for the body.
There are many products that offer the drug to stay young, but here we offer some tips for you to stay young just from its own dir. believe in yourself if you can. Do not rely on products that membpunyai too many side effects.
In fact, if one chose the products the risk is very dangerous, sometimes it can actually make skin irritation, itching skin look even older and wrinkles. There's an old saying expensive is not always good in terms of cosmetics.
Here are some tips youthful drug is efficacious and simple

1. Get used to smile
A smile can make your face look more fresh and bright. Smiling also be rewarded, because a smile is charity.

2. Use the right cosmetics
Dry skin can show an older age. Do not use cosmetics with powder if your skin including dry skin types. Because, powder blushes tend to make the fine lines and wrinkles look more real. Instead, use a cream product, in order to smooth strokes obscured.

3. Use a moisturizer
To keep skin fresh and moist, use a moisturizer on your face and body skin. Choose a moisturizer that suits you, and apply twice a day regularly, morning and evening after bathing.

4. Try a natural tooth whitening
Over time, the color of teeth can be caused by the consumption of coffee, tea or wine. This condition makes you look older. You can whiten teeth quickly with a natural product. Use strawberries mixed with baking soda is believed to whiten teeth in a flash. Or, brush your teeth regularly, can also remove stains on teeth.

5. Enough sleep
Lack of sleep can cause the eyes to look puffy, pale and dull skin and facial skin looks relaxed. To do that enough sleep 7-8 hours every night so you look more refreshed.

6. Always use sunscreen
Always use sunscreen to protect your skin. Khsus to face, just use the T area (forehead, nose, and chin area), if you have oily skin.

7. The lips are moist
tips: youthful drug is efficacious and simple
Use a lipstick with moisturizer, avoid matte lipsticks, because it can make the lips look dry, and lead lines on the lips. If you do not want to wear colored lipstick, try a lip balm or lip gloss. Few shades darker than your natural lip color will brighten your skin.

8. Positive Thinking
The mind indeed is a very affecting the condition of our bodies. Stress can cause illness. Similarly, in your face, too many thoughts can make your face look older. So, think positive and always accept whatever your problem as well.

9. Drink plenty of water
Drink 6-8 glasses a day is the recommended amount, and will keep the skin protected from dehydration.

10. Exercise regularly
Although sometimes difficult to make time for exercise because of feeling tired after a day of activity, but insist that you take time to exercise at least 2 times a week, so that your health is maintained.

Now that's a few tips Healthy Aging and you can practice, although the tips are simple, but we believe enormous benefits for themselves, especially when you do your routine so it becomes a character for yourself. Good luck.

tips: youthful drug is efficacious and simple

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