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family and the meaning of family for children

family and the meaning of family for children

family and the meaning of family for children.
 Expectations of this post is to answer some questions about the family.
whether the notion of the family?
whether family influence?
measure the influence of family on child development?
how the relationship between family and environment on child development?

Families can be seen from the dimensions of kinship and social relationships. Families in the dimensions of a blood relationship is a social entity is bound by ties of blood between each other. Based on the dimensions of a blood relationship, the family can be divided into a large family and nuclear family. While the dimensions of social relationships, the family is a social entity is bound by a mutual relationship between the interaction and interplay between each other, although among them there is no blood relationship. Family based on the dimensions of social relationships is called family psychological and pedagogical family.
In psychological terms, the family is a bunch of people who live together in residence and of each member to feel the inner engagement resulting in mutual influence, caring, and mutual surrender. While in the pedagogical sense, the family is "a" communion of life is woven by affection between the pair of two kinds of people who confirmed the wedding, is meant to improve ourselves with each other. In efforts are complementary and enhance each other's self-realization of the role and function sometimes as a parent.
In various dimensions and the family's understanding, the essence of the family (mother and father) is unity and the wholeness in one's goal is to seek the child to have and develop discipline.
family and the meaning of family for children
Integrity of the parents (father and mother) in a family is vital in helping children to have and develop discipline. Families are "intact" provide great opportunities for children to build confidence in both parents which is an essential element in helping children to have and develop discipline. Confidence of parents who felt the child would result in the direction, guidance, and assistance provided to parents and children "together" and facilitate the child to grasp the meaning of the efforts made.
Indeed in the domestic life of the Prophet along with his beloved are the values ​​of education / guidance of the very basic to be used as guidelines in the household for the entire Muslim community in order to achieve the ideal of family life and sakinah. Increasingly be assessed on the domestic life of the Prophet, it is increasingly appears to be a valuable lesson for us in the effort to build a family.
If the household, community and school is the guidance of human joints, then the household is the key influencers are more powerful in addition to the school or in society. As leaders, parents should be able to lead, direct, supervise, influence and move the child to be filled with the passion to motivate the children. Should parents be able to communicate so that it appears mutual confidence with the child.
Parents actually knew about his son. Of experience since the baby is born until the time of our children already know the advantages and disadvantages, so it needed the flexibility to change the behavior to want to excel. Parents should continue to pay attention to the development of children.
Families can create a comfortable atmosphere at home so that children feel comfortable to be near the leader. Create a sense of security in themselves, do not let your child feel more safe in the neighborhood of his friends than in the family environment.

family and the meaning of family for children
Note : family and the meaning of family for children

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