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learn how the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day.

learn how the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day

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Now we see how the celebration of Valentine's Day in Japan.
we learn how the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day or Valentine's is celebrated uniquely in Japan. If ever, men give chocolates to women, the practice in Japan, just the opposite. When Valentine's Day, Japanese women give chocolates to men. Brown is called "giri chocolate", or "obligatory chocolate". Brown was given as an expression of thanks for the friendship, friendship, or a good working relationship. Giri Chocolate is usually given to the friend, brother, father, and a male co-workers.

For the people of Japan, Valentine became a tradition to express love for others. In restaurants, look no employee is to divide the "gift" to the customer as a marker of a man who daang Valentines day. Japanese culture is indeed capable of absorbing foreign traditions while making a "Japanese". That's what makes the celebration of Valentine's Day in Japan is different from the other hemisphere.

The men in Japan are pampered on Valentine's Day. They can be abundant provision of chocolates in one day. However, it is not a free gift tables, because a month later, on March 14, turn to the man who must avenge last administration. The Japanese call these days as "White Day". On that day, the men's turn to give a gift to women. And generally the gift should be better or more expensive than that received during Valentine.

learn how the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day
For the Japanese economy become slow, Valentine and other festive days, are expected to have a positive impact. Retail sales in Japan was sluggish due to the prolonged recession. In the last 10 months alone, retail sales in Japan have dropped 2 percent. Japan's recession is making people reluctant to eat. Level of consumption in 2010 reached 3.3 percent collapsed. No wonder that Japan's economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2010 reached only 1.1 percent. With an economy that continues to become slow, the position of Japan has been overtaken by China in 2010.

Regardless of the controversy and the stories behind the celebration of Valentine, for Japan's economy, Valentine is a blessing. According to the data in several supermarkets in Japan, sales of chocolate on Valentine's Day accounts for about 20 percent of chocolate sales in a year. Chocolate sales in Japan when Valentine jumped from 27 billion yen in 2000, to 37 billion yen in the year 2010. Japan also entered the top 20 of the world consuming chocolate. The increase in sales was also able to hoist up the stock market in Japan, especially the chocolate industry stocks.

Is "White Day" as the time returned love in "Valentine Day", also became a chain reaction for chocolate sales in Japan. Chocolate consumption is expected to increase on both days. Valentine's Day, religious holidays, or the national day, but has a spiritual meaning and reflection on the ends can not be released to the interests of the industry to drive the economy.

And when Valentine yesterday, I tried to calculate the "giri choco" administration colleagues. It was sweet, as sweet friendship given. And when the time comes, in March, it was my turn to reply to this range of chocolate gift. Valentine greetings.

learn how the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day

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