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oneheath: tips for having sex in order to achieve a perfect pleasure

tips for having sex in order to achieve a perfect pleasure
The following are some tips to make love to us and we can achieve pasngan pleasure that we expect.
oneheath: tips for having sex in order to achieve a perfect pleasure
There are some things we must do so that we can achieve the pleasure of sex. to achieve pleasure in your sex tips should listen carefully to have sex in order to achieve a perfect pleasure.
The following tips for having sex in order to achieve a perfect pleasure

TALK tempting.
The power of verbal expression can provide the same effect as when you are feeling the enormity of his lips with a fingertip, while the He was lying, seated or close. Then ask you chat about sex. You both should throw all the sex fantasy you want to do with it, and vice versa. If you both run it without any direct stimulation, then you both will experience sexual abuse against your desire. Use the power of rhetoric to make it aroused, her vagina until wet and her nipples harden. Believe me, if this is done, then you both will enjoy the excitement is like you are doing for the first time!

BATHROOM foreplay
Light up your bathroom with candles and do some light warm sponge bath to it. After that you give a glass of red wine (or whatever they love to drink) and interspersed with strawberries or cocholate feed. Then do a light rubbing with a sponge on the whole body, from shoulders to toes. Then, give a light massage on the head while washing her hair and rinsing There. Allow Him to cleanse His body with a mini shower. After that blanket her with towels and then guided into the bedroom to dry his body. But Remember!, You can only do with a towel. Do you occasionally touch the twins, buttocks or vagina with your hand (bet, then you definitely have not take it anymore. Then use oil or body lotion to massage the whole body slowly. During sex you can resist the urge within you, then this the opportunity to sexually abuse your partner by giving attention to the body that is rarely touched.

Now your lips to arrange a meeting with his lips. Because after all you do, blend the lips should be utmos your desires. Creamed lips, and lick it with your tongue, then touch her tongue with your tongue. Make the moment it becomes a kiss as if you waited so well live. Once your partner aroused your face down to kiss her neck. then gigitlah shoulder tenderly. Repeat this several times. Your partner will undoubtedly tormented by pleasure.

It's time to make contact between your lips with sensational slit your partner. Ask what you want to do about it, and when the answer is spelled out, you should be able to do it right away. Give kisses and licks the tip of your tongue on her body from top to the clitoris and surrounding the outer lipsnya. When he begged menggerang favors on you, stop and move back to his lips as he asked, "do u like what im doing?". When he said yes, then do again the same thing several times. After that, it's your turn asked him to do what you want. Then he will do it gladly, especially after you give him pleasure.

Now, the time has come where you do the penetration. Start with the missionary position. Because you can be looking directly at her eyes as "hero" you're performing their duties. Try to be more creative by doing a variety of positions. And if not possible, do it with a position that you can enjoy thoroughly. Lick her breast, creamed lips, whispering what you feel, make her feel satisfied in every way. Enjoy the moment and to throw away all the things that had nothing to do with the time. Because overall, you just take the time 3 hours in satisfying your partner, including 20 minutes of doing taunting and peasing.
tips for having sex in order to achieve a perfect pleasure

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