Tuesday, January 31, 2012

small letter to mom

small letter to mom
note : small letter to mom

small letter to mom
small letter to mom

I love Mom
Has been carefully thought: if I someday get a tattoo, then tattoos it was my mother's face. Will my carving in leather back, more precisely in the middle of the back so as not to look if I wore a rather low-backed dress or shirt that is too high-cut waist, or bathing suits. I do not want my mom to see it. Of course he would rage if he knew I made a tattoo, even though it's a tattoo of his face. I could imagine my mother would preach; people who are drawing on the skin, his prayer will not be accepted, and then will go to hell.
I love my mom
Ideals she is: our family Mom, me, my brother and sister, and father go to heaven together.
I love my mom
Currently my goal is: future life to come, I wanted to be born as the mother of my mother so I could return her affection in life now.
I love my mother,
more than that can I give to the mother, more than what can I reveal to the mother. I realize if God should grant me any joy joy I could never return her affections.
I love my mother.
Even when I have the world and I gave it all for the mother also never quite back drop of mother love.
I love my mom
because what I know there's nothing more to work harder than Mom

Another story about mother
small letter to mom

Home Mom can be a Children's House, but House Children can not necessarily be a house mother. When small children and even adults Mom / Dad would always make the best for the child, but when the mother / father old, children do not necessarily make the best for them. Even Mother / Father will deliver the biggest room in the house, but when my mother / father is elderly, the Son only to give them even the smallest rooms retarded. This rotation and time we will experience the same thing like this. A small illustration that little barb even a puddle of tears is as difficult unstoppable: When a 10 year old boy approached his mother who was cooking in the kitchen as his mother called him. Then the mother gives a sheet of note paper with a small shopping and money amounting to Rp. 20.000, - Euro.
Mother: "Brother, spending the next kewarung yes yes ya money".
(The child shall go with bike bought by his father shortly after he came back and handed me the results presented to his mother shopping and making change Rp. 7500, - as well as a piece of paper he had written back behind the paper, the mother took the paper and read what was written by his son, the contents of text as follows:
Wage Expenditures: 1000, -
Wages Up Bike: 1500, -
Called wage: 1,000, -
Disruptive wage sister to Play: 2000, -
Buy Ice Cream: 1500, -
Total: 7,000, -
Finished reading, the mother smiled and stroked her head with affection of the mother and then write it back under his son and handed back to writing the paper to his son: "ni dik ...!!". The boy took the paper and read:
Wages had you: Free
Wages take care of you until now: Free
Build Night wage because you're sick and crying: Free
Wages washing clothes and diaper: Free
Wages take you to School: Free
Total: Free and Free
after reading the boy smiled, and kissed Mother's hand and hugged him and said: "I'm sorry bu sister, I love you". Ibupun Answer: "Mother is more dear brother ama, may Allah make the younger children who Sholeh yes". "God willing bu, Amen." said the sister.
It may be just a simple illustration, but the meaning and value of philosophy from the above illustration contains scolding to everyone who still have parents. Sometimes when parents are aged 70 years and already weak body could not even walk, let alone child care tends not want to take care of him, even though child labor is still quite strong to be able to take care of my mother / father. He forgot, or perhaps pretend to forget that he was there because of their intermediaries. Forget that he made him like right now is thanks to their efforts that would keep the trust that God gave to them. He forgot that the mother sometimes lie for the sake of her child, because she is too dear to his son as an example:
1. "Eat my son, my mother has not hungry". (When the mother is hungry for his son)
2. "Eat up, son, mother not like chicken". (My mother beat her child to let his son grow nutrients)
3. "Put this blanket son, she did not really cold." (Mother holding her child cold sake)
I do not know, what she thought of a mother when we were little because we just grow up to understand that that's what the struggle of the mother to her child. What a sin and durhakanya a child who already understand if have to dump her after she (the mother; Red) is old, but when Mom / Dad are old and in ill health, there is pain in the prayer for his son.
Hopefully Helpful for me and for you ... thank you.

small letter to mom

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