Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Use Twitter For Business

Did you know that twitter can be used for business?
How to Use Twitter For Business
Below are tips on using twitter for business

1. Determine the purpose and results

If doing business through site traffic, think about strategy. Twitter community often interact in real-time. Add a talk format at the site of your business that is directly connected to Twitter. For instance, if we tweet about business, add the inaugural # business

2. Manage accounts Twitter

If you really take advantage of Twitter for business, it takes an employee or child of you who are dedicated to be involved. For example, to monitor the account and deal with customer complaints. It is important that all inquiries and complaints from the follower can be answered quickly.

3. Using the natural identification

Use natural or brand identity is critical to business. For example by downloading one at a photo profile company. Managing information profile, list of employees, accounts and original initials. Use of native identity will make followers believe

4. Choose the right person

Remember your business profile is public. Make sure your nephew or professionals can take care of business credibility. Block and delete all content and the report containing the spam and adult content. Suppose you do not choose the Alay nephew, quite likely he tweet with his Alay language

5. input humor

When people talk freely and independently manipulate opinion through 140 character messages on Twitter. Make occasional comforting words that values ​​customer information tucked in tips. This is used so that we gak bored follower

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