Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There is hope
Note : There is hope

There is hope
There is hope
There is hope
There is hope, before death,
There is hope, before the pain to the core.
There is hope, there's nothing necessarily inappropriate Maybe we keep
There is hope when at the end of each option was just able to throw us in hatred.
(However, what is the meaning of life, if we must always give in to reality?)
There is hope, let's continue this journey alone,
There is hope, as he tried to take any pain,
There is hope, though ultimately the existence of such residual moisture in the leaves fall.
There is hope, Maybe one day we will fall,

There is hope, when we look at the sky with pleading eyes.
There is still hope, must be "No certainty in there!"
There is hope, probably so the clouds will yell at us.
There is hope, but we are losing kids who always dreamed about winning,
There is hope, walu we are part of history that are often forgotten.
There is still hope, "We will not give up!"
There is hope, so we probably will challenge the clouds, while occasionally spitting to void.

There is hope
before death,
There is hope, before the complete freeze of pain.
There is hope, Or let the foreign streets and cobbled it slowly wrapped around our hearts and minds.
There is hope let the hands of time will burn and blow up our trip, then as smoke
There is still hope we will be blowing, holding the shadows of life.
There is still hope "But you is pain, is pain, is pain!"
Maybe there's hope as the sun will yell yell at us.
There is hope, because the breath and the desire to remain united at the top of the search, while the time was never completely gave an answer.
So, There's hope no one should we fear,
There is hope if we eventually will stay on until the death.
There is hope

There is hope

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