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Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits

Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits
note : Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits

Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits
Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits

Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits
smoking can lead to many things, the impact of smoking was no danger, but there are also benefits, this Note on the impact of smoking on Dilhat of the dangers and benefits. Here's a note on the impact of smoking, the dangers of smoking and the benefits of smoking,
The impact of smoking, dangers and benefits of smoking by oneheath.blogspot.com

Danger of Cigarettes

Dangers of smoking to Health Body

Before discussing about the dangers of smoking to the health of your body's good if you know about the substances contained in a single cigarette. Usually people who smoke cigarettes can claim to bring positive effects such as relaxing, avoiding stress, can bring even more macho suggestibility or more males for the men who suck. Is that true? In a single cigarette contains more than four thousand chemical substances compound in which two thousand substances present in it categorized as a substance that is harmful to human health. The most dangerous substances that exist in cigarettes are tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide substances. According to several studies that terdpat tar in cigarettes containing forty-three carcinogenic substances are materials that can be a major cause of cancer. While nicotine is in cigarettes contain a substance that can cause or effect of opium addiction, nicotine can also cause heart disease, accounting for 25% of heart patients around the world is an active smoker.
Dangers of smoking caused by substances above clearly have to get more attention because of cigarette production from year to year is not diminishing but increasing, as well as the growing trend of smoking among school-age youths. Below are the dangers of smoking to the health of the human body.

1 Smoking can lead to Heart Disease
Dangers of smoking is the most should diwapadai heart disease due to smoking is a major cause of heart attacks. The mortality rate of a smoker who is caused by a heart attack more than the death of a smoker who dis ebabkan by lung cancer. Dangers of smoking this one is still lurk despite a heavy smoker of cigarettes smoked is labeled low-tar and low nicotine. This is because some tobacco products that use filters instead add the amount of carbon monoxide is inhaled by a smoker, that would make such cigarettes more dangerous than cigarettes that do not use filters.
Hazards caused by nicotine cigarettes is heart pounding faster and faster so that the body's need for oxygen will increase. Addition of carbon monoxide fumes contained in cigarette smoke produced contains toxins that can cause obstruction of the supply of oxygen to the heart. Hence the campaign about the dangers of cigarettes has never stopped, because it can inform about the dangers of smoking on heart health from an early age.

2 Smoking can cause Cancer
Dangers of cigarette smoke caused by the attack next is cancer, this occurs because of the dangers of cigarettes in cigarette smoke that produced by tobacco contain chemicals that are carcinogenic. Primary cancer caused by cigarette bahya this is lung cancer which can make lung organ dysfunction in humans. Dangers of cigarettes in addition to lung cancer is cancer in the human digestive tract such as stomach cancer, colon and cervical cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, throat cancer, pankrias cancer, and breast cancer.
Danger of Cigarettes # 3 Passive Smokers
Dangers of smoking was also stalking the people who are around people who smoke or commonly called secondhand smoke, the dangers of passive smoking for smokers this is deemed unfair by some, because the secondhand smoke is not directly enjoy every cigarette in suction but instead gain a greater hazard than an active smoker.
Danger lurks cigarette smokers are lighter than the passive rather than active smokers, passive smokers tend to be more susceptible to various diseases due to air around them was polluted by tobacco smoke. Various diseases such as cancer, heart attack, or even damage the fetus for mothers who are pregnant. Based on the studies mentioned that the person whose life is always surrounded by cigarette smoke will die sooner than other people who always get clean air. The death rate from passive smokers are also relatively high which increased by 15%

4 Smoking can threaten the harmony of the household
Dangers of cigarettes should be aware by active smokers who are married is a factor of domestic harmony is easily cracked due to a head of family is addicted to cigarettes. Price of cigarettes from day to day is not getting cheaper, tetapis emakin soared make cigarette addicts forced to cut daily spending money. This will result in a displaced family members, basic needs can no longer be fulfilled. Dangers of smoking is also a major cause of increasing levels of percaraian, because one of the spouses was a cigarette addict.
Dangers of cigarettes on only a part, there are many other dangers that must be faced by smokers, especially those active smokers. If you really love your body and your family, you certainly will exert every effort to avoid the dangers of cigarettes that have been mentioned above. For cigarette addicts may be hard to let go of opiate effects are already damaging the brain, but believe me strong motivation and effort can release you from the clutches of the dangers of cigarettes.
Hopefully posting articles about the dangers of smoking to the health of the body is always beneficial to all of you loyal blog visitors to share the latest information and tips. You can share the dangers of smoking around others who you know through the comment box below. Thank you for visiting this blog, good-bye to the dangers of smoking.

Benefits of smoking

Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits
Here's some research that reveals the benefits of smoking to human health. I am not a doctor or a researcher in health, so the scientific discussion about the contents of this message can be debated by the experts themselves.

1. Smoking Reduces Risk of Parkinson's

Considerable evidence suggests that smoking against Parkinson's disease. A recent study adds strong evidence that reported previously that smoking can protect people from Parkinson's disease. In particular, new research shows a temporal relationship between smoking and reduced risk of Parkinson's disease. That is, the protective effect against Parkinson decreases after smokers stop smoking.
Other studies regarding the positive effects of smoking on Parkinson's Desease (PD) is a study of 113 male twin pairs. The team of researchers led by Dr. Tanner continues to see significant differences when the dose was calculated to 10 or 20 years before diagnosis. They concluded that these findings refute the claim that people who smoke tend to have PD. There are still many other studies on smoking habits are useful against Parkinson's.

 2. Smokers are more powerful and faster recovery from heart attacks and strokes

Another major study showing the benefits of smoking, the benefits of restenosis or narrowing of blood vessels that cause the blood flow becomes restricted, such as blood vessels to the heart (cardiovascular disease) or to the brain (stroke) Smokers have a better chance of survival and a longer recovery fast.

Other studies mentioned krbon mnoksida can reduce heart attacks and strokes. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of tobacco smoke. A report showed very low levels of carbon monoxide can help victims of heart attacks and strokes. Carbon monoxide inhibits the blood clotting, thereby dissolving harmful clots in the arteries. The researchers focused on the close resemblance between the carbon monoxide with nitric oxide that keeps blood vessels remain dilated and prevent the buildup of white blood cells. Recently nitric oxide has been upgraded from ordinary air pollutants into the second most important physiological link internally. Therefore not be surprising that carbon monoxide can paradoxically rescue the lung injury caused by a blockage of blood vessels to the heart (cardiovascular blockage).

 3. Smoking reduces the risk of gum disease is severe shrinkage

It used to be mentioned that tobacco is the root of all problems of the teeth and mouth disease. Whereas one study suggests that smokers actually had a lower risk of gum disease.

4. Smoking prevent asthma and other allergic diseases because

A study of two generations of Swedish residents demonstrated in the analysis of multiple variations, some children of mothers who smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day tended to have lower odds for suffering from allergic rhino-conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, atopic eczema and food allergy, compared with children children of mothers who never smoked. The children of fathers who smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day had the same tendency.

5. Nicotine kills germs that cause tuberculosis (TB)

Nicotine may one day be an alternative that surprising as the hard-TB drug treatment, says a researcher from the University of Central Florida (UCF). These compounds stop the growth of TB germs in a laboratory test, even when used in small quantities only, said Saleh Naser, an associate professor of microbiology and molecular biology at UCF. Most scientists agree that nicotine is a substance that causes people to become addicted to cigarettes.

6. Smoking is a rare skin cancer prevention

A researcher at the National Cancer Institute found that smoking can prevent the development of skin cancer that afflicts mainly the elderly in the Mediterranean region of Southern Italy, Greece and Israel. Not that smoking is recommended for this population, said Dr. James Goedert, but the important thing is smoking tobacco may help to prevent a rare form of cancer. And this is a recognition of researchers at the National Cancer Institute that there are benefits of smoking.

7. Smoking reduces the risk of breast cancer

A new study in the journal of the National Cancer Institute (May 20, 1998) reported that a specific gene mutation carriers (who tend as a carrier of breast cancer), who smoked for more than 4 pack years (ie, the number of packs per day multiplied by the number of years of smoking duration ) was statistically significantly decreased by 54 percent in breast cancer incidence when compared with carriers who never smoked. One of the strengths of this study is that the reduction in the incidence of exceeding the threshold of 50 percent.

 8. Nitric Oxide in reducing nicotine colitis

Nicotine reduces circular muscle activity, particularly through the release of nitric oxide, in the case of ulcerative colitis (UC) or intestinal inflammation. These findings may explain some of the therapeutic benefits of nicotine (and smoking) to the UC and could explain the dysfunction of colonic propulsion in active disease.

9. Effects of transdermal nicotine on cognitive performance (thinking) people with Down Syndrome

A study on the effects of nicotine-agonist stimulation with 5 mg of skin tissue implants, compared with placebo (drug control), on cognitive performance in five adults with the disorder. Improvements possibly related to attention and information processing seen in Down syndrome patients compared with healthy controls.

Down syndrome is a disease caused by abnormalities in chromosome 21 at band Q22 SLC5A3 gene, which can be recognized by looking at a fairly typical clinical manifestations. Disorder which affects the physical growth and mental retardation of children was first recognized in 1866 by Dr. John Longdon Down.

10. Smoking is good for pregnant women to prevent hypertension in pregnancy and maternal-child transmission of Helicobacter pylori infection

The concentration of urinary cotinine (tobacco bermetabolis in the body) to confirm the reduced risk of preeclampsia with exposure to tobacco exposure. Preeclampsia is a medical condition where hypertension appears in pregnancy (pregnancy with hypertension) in collaboration with a large amount of protein in the urine. This study, though small, shows one of the benefits of smoking during pregnancy. "These findings, obtained using laboratory tests to confirm a reduced risk of developing preeclampsia with tobacco exposure (Am J Obstet Gynecol 1999;. 181:1192-6.)

Another study found a strong inverse association between maternal smoking and maternal Helicobacter pylori infection among preschool children, which indicated the possibility that the mother-child transmission of infection may be less efficient if the mother smoked. To evaluate this hypothesis further, conducted a population-based study in which infection of H. pylori was measured by 13C-urea breath test (urea content of the breath test) in the 947 preschoolers and their mothers. We obtain detailed information about potential risk factors for infection, including maternal smoking, by using a standardized questionnaire. Overall, 9.8% (93 of 947) of the children and 34.7% (329 of 947) of the mothers had been infected. Prevalence (ratio of the number of disease events with units in the population at risk) of infection is much lower among children of uninfected mothers (1.9%) than in children of infected mothers (24.7%). There is a strong inverse relationship of infection of children with mothers who smoked (adjusted odds ratio or deviation = 0.24; 95% confidence interval = 0.12 to 0.49) among the children of infected mothers, but not in Among the children of infected mothers. These results support the hypothesis of the predominant role for mother-child transmission of infection of H. pylori, which may be less efficient if the mother smoked.
Perhaps you suspect that the research was funded by tobacco companies. But research has never been widely publicized, if it aims to support the promotion of cigarettes. While scientific information about the dangers of smoking are very dominant. Actually, anti-smoking propaganda is what should be suspected as an attempt to boost sales of drugs from pharmaceutical companies.

Impact of Smoking, Smoking Dangers and Benefits

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