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Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity

Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity
diary : Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity
Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity

Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity
Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity. promiscuity eventually going to end in regret. Impact of Free Intercourse greatly influence the future. From here  oneheath.blogspot.com  is invited to lead a healthy life, to avoid promiscuity and effects and dangers of promiscuity

Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity

Human-induced disease Immunodeficiany Virus / Acquired Immnune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV / AIDS), particularly in adolescent age group, one of the causes due bebas.Hasil association study in 12 cities in Indonesia including Denpasar demonstrated 10-31% unmarried adolescents have been had sexual intercourse.

In the city of Denpasar from 633 students of upper secondary school (high school) are just sitting in class II, 155 people or 23.4% had experience of sexual intercourse.

They consist of 27% sons and daughters of 18%. National statistics on HIV / AIDS in Indonesia showed that approximately 75% of the body affected by the loss of immunity in the teenage years.

Similarly, teens against drug abuse problems getting data memprihatinkan.Berdasarkan people with HIV / AIDS in Bali to February 2005 recorded 623 people, mostly attacking the productive age. Patients consisted of one person aged 5-14 years, 21 people aged 15-19 years, 352 people aged 20-29 years, 185 people aged 30-39 years, 52 people aged 40-49 years and 50 years and over one person .

increasingly concerned about people living with HIV / AIDS suggests that, quite a lot of reproductive health problems that arise among teenagers. Therefore, developing information and consultation center model adolescent reproductive health through the educator (counselor) peer becomes very important.

"The Center of information and consultation of adolescent reproductive health to be a model of community empowerment which aims to foster awareness and participation of individuals providing solutions to their peers who experienced reproductive health problems".

Management training was attended by 24 participants representatives from eight districts and one city in Bali last for four days.

Not long ago there was news about a group of people's desire for legalized abortion, with the pretext of upholding human rights. This occurs because each year increase in cases of abortion in Indonesia is increasing, as evidenced by coverage in the media or any TV show there must be revealed cases of abortion. If this is the sec-legalkan occurring in Western countries will result in the destruction of the order of religion, culture and customs of the nation. Means it has lost the moral values ​​and norms that have long been ingrained in society. If this dilegal it would encourage promiscuity against more distant in the community.

People do not need marriage to have sex. While the release of the responsibility of pregnancy can be solved by abortion. Legalization of abortion is not just reproductive health issues locally Indonesia, but it's been one of coercive secular capitalist lifestyle that propagated through the United Nations ICDP (International Conference on Development and Population) in 1994 in Cairo Egypt.

Basically, a woman who have abortions will experience; suffering loss of self-esteem (82%), screaming (51%), nightmares many times about the baby (63%), wanted to commit suicide (28%), caught in drug illicit drugs (41%), and can not enjoy sexual intercourse (59%).

Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity
Abortion or abortion means penguguran content or intentionally discard the fetus prematurely, (before it can be born naturally). Abortion is divided into two;

First, abortion is abortion spontaneus happens by accident. cause, weak content, lack of stamina due to excessive activity, wrong diet and poisoning.

Secondly, abortion is an abortion provocatus deliberate. Deliberate intention is that a pregnant woman accidentally abortionist / fetus either by yourself or with the help of others because they do not want the presence of the fetus.

Abortion Risks
Abortion has risks of prolonged suffering to the health or safety of a woman's life. It is not true to say that someone who had an abortion she "did not feel anything and immediately allowed to go home".

This is a very misleading information for every woman, especially those who are confused because they do not want a pregnancy that has occurred. Health risks to women who have abortions are at risk of health and physical safety and psychological disorders.

In the book "Facts of Life" written by Brian Clowes, PhD; physical health and safety risks to be faced by a woman during an abortion and after an abortion is;
- Sudden death due to severe bleeding.
- Sudden death due to anesthesia failed.
- Death is slow due to a serious infection around the womb.
- A torn uterus (uterine perforation).
- Damage to the cervix (Cervical Lacerations) which will cause defects in subsequent children.
- Breast cancer (due to an imbalance of estrogen in women),
- Ovarian Cancer (Ovarian Cancer).
- Cancer of the cervix (Cervical Cancer).
- Liver cancer (Liver Cancer).
- Abnormalities in placental / umbilical cord (Placenta Previa) which will lead to subsequent defects in children and severe bleeding during subsequent pregnancies.
- Being infertile / unable to have children again (ectopic Pregnancy).
- Infection of the pelvis (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease).
- Infection of the lining of the uterus (Endometriosis)

The process of abortion is not just a process that has a high risk in terms of health and safety of a woman physically, but also has a very great impact on the mental state of a woman. This phenomenon is known in psychology as "Post-Abortion Syndrome" (Post-Abortion Syndrome) or PAS. These symptoms are noted in the "Psychological Reactions Reported After Abortion" in the publication of The Post-Abortion Review.

Therefore it is very important to note in this case the special attention of parents of teenagers is to be able to provide sex education is good and right. And give the teen was a significant suppression by meyampaikan; if you want to have sex, they should be ready to bear all the risks that pregnancy and venereal disease.

But we realize, people (parents) are still looking for the taboo providing education, guidance to the child's sex. Though this will result in teens seeking information from the outside that is not necessarily the truth of it is sex.

Pancasila values
A study conducted by International research firm Synovate on behalf of DKT Indonesia conducted research on sexual behavior of adolescents aged 14-24 years. Research conducted on 450 adolescents from Medan, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

The results revealed that 64% of teens admit to consciously engage in premarital sex and had violated the values ​​and religious norms. But that awareness did not influence the actions and their sexual behavior. The reason teenagers have sex is because it all just happens without a plan.

The results also expose the teens do not have a specific and comprehensive knowledge about sex. Information about sex (65%) they received through a friend, Film Porno (35%), school (19%), and parents (5%). From this percentage can be seen that the dominant information from friends more than parents and teachers, but friends do not really know with this sex problem, because he also transformed from a friend the other.

Less attention of parents, lack of cultivation of religious values ​​have an impact on teenage promiscuity and result in easily perform sexual intercourse outside of marriage, resulting in pregnancy and in conditions of unpreparedness settle down and to be responsible to pass an abortion. A woman is more reckless tend to do (short reason) when faced with something like this.

In modren times today, teenagers are being exposed to conditions of value systems, and then the system value eroded by other value systems that conflict with moral and religious values. As lingerie model (fashion), model the association and the movies that are so intense teenage promiscuity adopted into their life style including the matter of sex outside marriage is considered one of reasonableness.

Few factors that cause the occurrence of promiscuity among teenagers that is;
First, the factor of religion and faith.
Secondly, environmental factors such as parents, friends, neighbors and the media.
Third, a minimal knowledge plus excessive curiosity.
Fourth, Changes in the Age.

Value of Religion
Word of God: "And kill not your children for fear of being destitute. It is we who give sustenance to them and to you too. Surely killing them is great sin. "(Sura 17:31). Many expectant mothers are still young reasoned that because his income is still not stable or not enough savings, then he plans to an abortion.

Though the verse is already clear that the provision is God's business while the man was ordered to try. Killing one life is tantamount to killing all people. Save one life is tantamount to save everyone.

Islam gives a huge reward sin against abortionists. Word of God: "Whosoever kills a human being, not for reasons that require Qisas law, or rather because of unrest in the earth, then as if he had killed all mankind. And whoever cares for the safety of a human life, it is as if he had been maintaining the safety of all human life. "(Sura 5:32)

Therefore, abortion is killing, killing is a crime and fight against God's command. The Quran states: "As for penalties against those who do mischief against Allah and His Messenger and made disastrous riots in the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or cut the hands and legs are crossed, or alienated from society. Such punishment as an insult to them in the world and the Hereafter they have a painful torment. "(Sura 5:36)

Juridical Value / Legal
In the Book of Law Criminal Law Indonesia Chapter XIV of crimes against decency Article 229 paragraph (1) said that abortion is the deliberate act on the acts themselves or ask for help in others considered a criminal act punishable by a maximum of 4 years imprisonment or a fine maximum of three thousand dollars.

Paragraph (2) Article 299 is continued that if the abortion is guilty of an outside party (not the mother who is pregnant) and the act was done for economic purposes, as a livelihood, then the sentence can be added a third sentence in paragraph (1) he is over.

If during this act was done as a livelihood, then it can be revoked its right to conduct these searches eye. Then in Article 346 says that a woman who deliberately meyuruh an abortion or other person to do so is punishable by imprisonment of four years.

In Article 347 paragraph (1) mentioned person who renders or turn off a woman's pregnancy without her consent is punishable by a maximum of 12 years in prison, and the next paragraph (2) stipulates that if the abortion resulted in the loss of lives of women that contain it, then the offender is punishable by imprisonment of 15 years.

In Article 348 paragraph (1) mentioned that people who intentionally abort the womb of a woman over the woman's consent is punishable by a maximum of 15 years in prison, and paragraph (2) resume, if the action was causing her death, the offender is punishable by at least long 17 years in prison. Thus, the act of abortion in Indonesia, including acts of crime which is punishable by a clear and unequivocal.

Effects and Dangers of Promiscuity

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