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about true or a lie wazzub

about true or a lie wazzub
about true or a lie wazzub
saw the rise of a friend who boasts about wazzub find out about what it wazzub.
wazzub is a website offers a doller so tempting, but do you know whether wazzub it?
how to work wazzub?
from this you can assess and consider whether or not to be trusted wazzub.
may be useful.

Read the article about the site dariJackysan Lombok Wazzub scam or a big liar. to my friends who already list in wazzub like I might be disappointed because it has been tired to register and advertise it a scam. Fortunately not long already excited about this site, so starting today no longer cares

For Dear readers and visitors. There may be some of his friends trapped in the big lie of Wazzub aka hoax saying that he is the Online MLM system that generates and pays you a dollar without working, just to promote your Affiliate url to join in the follow-up program.
A few days ago I was at the same tawarin friends to follow, but because it never experienced the same thing that I forgot the name of the program is run through an application on facebook first. 've Long follow-up, click here and there every day and promotion here and there, eh end of the application is missing the URL ends vanished with no one ever felt the fee.
Because of this incident, I finally reluctantly to "yes" to my friend's invitation. Out of curiosity I finally opened the official site URL of the amount Wazzub the two different domain extensions, the only wazzub dot com and dot info wazzub only that each - each in a redirect to one another. And most do not make me sure is to see the rating or rank and index wazzub domain in the Google search engine.
Here are explanations and reasons that the dollar is a hoax Wazzub produce what I sadur of kaskus thread:

1. Wazzub official website, which is just the result redirect from URL | Domain Redirect URL Redirect is a technique or forward (forward) of a domain name address B to other A domain name address, so that when you press the button Enter to access the domain address of B, then B will change the domain address with the domain address of A. For example: will be redirected to
If you look at the domain (. Info) used certainly did not indicate if the site is a great site / professional. Just imagine, domain. Info TLD is the domain at GoDaddy and even the cheapest domain price. Info is only $ 0.67, which may be a large company that he says will rival google, yahoo, and others using the domain. Info

2. The system used in Wazzub already been made by a similar site called "" | First also had a boom because it is so easy to earn $ $ $ member of it. And sure enough, after launching the site, which was eagerly awaited by millions of members from different member states is not forthcoming, and even worse after launching the site but will offer products to members who enroll in the pre-launch, whereas in the pre-launch mentioned "free .. without the need to purchase any product "but the opposite happened. Wazzub PrelaunchMalaysia is very similar to a 100% scam.

3. Sites with a program like this is prone to hacking action. | Sites like this are typically used to collect data member via email and the password used when registering disitusnya (Wazzub). From here it's easy to take action against hacking email accounts member, as most people sign up disebuah site using the same password with the password to his email account. Well, this is where the action starts hacking and if you use the same email account with PayPal, Alertpay, Liberty on our site when you signed it then you will be prepared to lose your valuable assets. Obviously you also need to be aware of this sort of thing and it is not impossible if Wazzub also indicated there. If you've already joined in Wazzub you should immediately change your email password for security.

4. In addition, a site with a program like this is usually only used as a trick to increase traffic (alexa) and PageRank are after that auction site at a high price. | The bottom line is this site made just for flipping PayBox site as the site first.

So, the conclusion of this Wazzub are as follows:

Wazzub 100% Scam!
Do not be easily tempted by this kind of site to site. Remember, to earn money from online business is not as simple as that.
Be careful in choosing an online business. Always check the domain address of an online business site, whether the site is the result of technical or URL Redirect URL Cloaking. If the site is the result of the techniques they will be, better look for another site which is completely reliable
Throw away a lot of thought "unnecessary effort but paid". Remember! people become successful because of trying! not lazy get money.
What about you? there has been a victim Wazzub generate dollar via the Internet and this MLM system? I hope not

about true or a lie wazzub
Note: about true or a lie wazzub 

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