Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is the English Favorite food?

What is the English Favorite food?
Question: What is the English Favorite food?

What is the English Favorite food?

Apparently the UK is a big fan of popcorn and a double-decker.
They became the highest consumer of theater-style snacks, the popcorn and
double-decker bus. This is evidenced by recent data, from the Empire cinema in London, England. British film fans were taking
nearly 3 billion grams of popcorn during 2011. Both sweet and salty flavor, they have a percentage number that is not so different. If compared, the amount is sufficient to fill the Olympic swimming pool measuring 104,000 feet.
Cheese and onions into the most favored spices Britons today, set aside a pickle is a favorite for England.
Market research firm Mintel reveals, cheese and onion crisp sales jumped 15 percent in two years ago to 256 million pounds. Pickles are usually the most widely hunted, fell to second place as the most preferred cooking smells belly of the UK between 2006-2008 although sales rose five percent, while the popularity of the traditional salt and vinegar accompanied slipping sales fell seven per cent. Even so, total sales of the three most popular spices in the UK that still dominate the market, with sales of seized nearly two-thirds of the entire British spices which reached 1.47 billion pounds last year. "Despite being developed new cooking aroma and flavor of new, traditional spices remain the most favored people," said Mintel analyst, Emmanuelle Bouvier.
However, Mintel stated although sales increased an impressive spices, the market is unlikely to grow in the next five years due to a liquidity crisis or credit (credit crunch) have cut public spending.

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