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Valentine's Day is a typical Japanese "WHITE DAY"

Valentine's Day is a typical Japanese

You know Valentine's Day February 14th, right? Well, in Japan there is a unique tradition in this Valentine's Day. Perhaps you've ever watched "The Short Cake Strawberry on" or other dramas. In "S.O.S." Kyoko Fukada to give a gift "brown" to his father and brother, played by Hideaki. Why chocolate? Is it just a girl who "initiate" in this Valentine's Day? This unique Valentine's Day in Japan.

There are two kinds of chocolate are usually given on Valentine's Day. The first is called "giri-CHOCO", and the second named "HONMEI-CHOCO". "Giri-CHOCO" chocolate is a gift given by the Japanese girl's father, brother man, male co-workers, or male friends. Brown does not represent "love", just an expression of sheer affection and attention.

"Giri" itself means "duty". Well, usually "Giri-CHOCO" just a plain chocolate which is relatively inexpensive and not too special. So it's not unusual if there was a guy in Japan who get lots of chocolate from her girlfriends on Valentine's Day. While "HONMEI-CHOCO" given by the Japanese girl to the man of her dreams or her lover on Valentine's Day. So, chocolate symbolizes "love". Brown was spelled out very special and the price is relatively expensive.

For the girls who already have a lover, this chocolate is usually given together with other gifts, such as ties, the Japanese wine, wine, and so forth. As for the girls who were "targeted" man of her dreams, this time revealing his love. The girl will give "HONMEI-CHOCO" to the man of her dreams while saying "I love you" or "I like you". Then if the man would accept his love?

Once, when he received a "HONMEI-CHOCO" given to him, then he stated "Yes, I accept your love." But in Japan there is also a unique celebration day called "WHITE DAY". "WHITE DAY" is celebrated on every date of March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. On March 14, if the men who received "HONMEI-CHOCO" of the girl who likes him and he accepted the girl's love, then the man will reciprocate by giving something to the girl as the statement "Yes, I love you too".

But there he will not wait for a little over a month since Valentine's day to return the love of a girl. Valentine's Day as in Japan where the girls give gifts and chocolates to their sweethearts, the "WHITE DAY" this Japanese man who will give a gift to their loved one as a sign of affection and love. In the "WHITE DAY" After all, the men would give anything to anyone who provides "Giri-CHOCO" to them on Valentine's Day.

So a little story about the celebration of Valentine's Day and "WHITE DAY" in Japan. May be useful for you who love Japan, love watching J-drama, especially the lives of children and young love

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