Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who am I? why should I be myself ?

Who am I? why should I be myself ?
Note : be your self

Note : be your self
Note : be your self

"Who are you to be becoming yourself.
while you not the one
but you have to be yourself
be yourself
because happiness is when you find yourself
I assure you, will you meet yourself"

Often we say to others when we began to fret, to turned into such a person, want to emulate the behavior of others, become an adult human like everyone else, want to provide the best for others as great men, etc.. Then my friends will suggest "Be Your Self".

Or there are those people who thinks he is good with all the properties and behavior, then when he got a tip from someone because it is "somewhat" unpleasant, then he would say "Be Your Self".

That's interesting. Sentences are short and concise is often the motto of one's life, even many people who wear them, either to make himself visible character or just an alibi for not powerless to change so much better?

It is legitimate only when we have a motto to live like that, but let us analyze in depth if we are people who are good, perfect and do not need to be changed again? If indeed there are things that need to be changed in ourselves become a better human being again, then do not hesitate to say to yourself "Chance".

This may be a correction for all of us. If we are a good person, fun, generous, not arrogant, brave, outspoken, polite, then the motto "be your self" we defend deserve. But if we are a liar, sycophant, grumpy, lazy, cowardly, the word "Be your self" really did not deserve carried by us.

Some young kids today do not behave in general, they are dressed profanity, sex free, anarchistic action and when to get advice to change then they took out the phrase "be yor self". There is also a woman who Jutek, moody, spoiled, selfish love, consider themselves most correctly also have to live the motto "Be yor self". They actually use those words to fortify themselves migrate to live a better, more enjoyable for yourself and others.

Change! That's the right word. Every human being has a desire to do good, and it becomes his nature. But the evil is also an option. Depending on which one was made comfortable with ourselves. Being good and evil is a logical consequence of our choices in society.

We are all troubled by the circumstances of this nation, everyone said that he has both. Let us mutually self introspecting myself included, that there are good things that we need to maintain, but there is also a need to be corrected. There may be the nature and character that is in the deepest heart needs to be changed, then transformed. Do phobia with the words changed. If each individual makes this understanding as a basis to behave, then we are all convinced that this nation will change - with the grace of Allah, of course.

It is time to change my friend!

Being a good, quality and useful for other people was wonderful. If we are brave to defend the weak, then "be your self" behold beautiful. If we are a compassionate philanthropist who could be weak, then "be your self" wise behold. If we are a pious who spend themselves in the way of God, then "be your self" behold a blessing. When we are active environmentalists and facilitate the empowerment of poor communities, the "Be your self" sunggguhlah dignity.

Then What about me? You?

Let's strive to become a person who reconciles himself, pleasant fellow, and the happy God. No wonder we maintain a "be yor self"

Who am I? why should I be myself ?

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