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Note : Motivation to Build Friendship Among Adolescents

Motivation to Build Friendship Among Adolescents
Note : Motivation to Build Friendship Among Adolescents

Motivation to Build Friendship Among Adolescents
Build Friendship Among Adolescents

Build Friendship Among Adolescents are very important. Importance of Friendship Among Youth Build is that teenagers can grow together with other teens. To Build Friendship Among Adolescents required cooperation between the youth and the environment. Build Friendship Among Adolescents toward a happy adolescence.
Build Friendship Among Adolescents with one for the story of enduring friendship

Note : Motivation to Build Friendship Among Adolescents

Teenagers are one of the stages of development in human life span, which is in a state of transition from childhood into adulthood. Adolescent age range between 13 or 14 years to 21 years. In its development we experience changes both physically and psychologically.

Psychologically, at this time began to learn to integrate with individual adults and society. He wanted to be in the same level, especially in problems with people who are older. Teens also learn to leave something that is childish and must learn new patterns of behavior and attitudes as adults to replace the behaviors, attitudes, and old habits that had he left behind. In addition, adolescents have the characteristic that stands out is a great curiosity about everything including the wish to try new things that appeal to teenagers.

It's not unusual anymore, every teenager wants to get as many friends as possible. Among them there are discrete 'extrovert', where they like to hang out with people, outgoing and friendly. One more is the teen who shows characteristics of 'introvert' which means they are less able when dealing with others, preferring to be alone and do not much get along. Both disposition have negative and positive sides. In an effort to make friends, sometimes teenagers trapped and caught up with friends who deliberately took the chance and eventually adolescents who initially had good intentions become disillusioned and empty when they are treated as such.

Build Friendship Among Adolescents
This is where both parents are very important function. They must monitor the movements of children, especially adolescent girls. Both parents need to give the best counsel and nurture their child's safety and welfare. Many of the tragedy and unfortunate events applicable to the girl, especially low-income families, but eventually fell into a sad valley.

In the aspect of fostering friendship, teenagers need to be given more attention. It is important in business to make friends is the effort someone knows how to coexist with others in a healthy manner. Not only speech and behavior are important, but also important skills a person's teens. Therefore, adolescents should be considered so clever in making efforts to achieve their hopes and dreams can come true.

Teenagers also need to be smart in assessing the situation and make the best choice in resolving problems they are facing. Use fikir creative power. Do not let your emotions affect our behavior.
First, friendship is like an anchor: Your friend is a firm, stable, and dependable. But maybe it will hinder you to do the things you want or you should do.

Both friendships are like buoys: Your friend is there when you need it. He is the source of help in time of trouble, someone attractive you do positive things.

Third, friendships like snare: Your friend might be fun in the association, but he could drag you into a variety of problems.

Bible agree that friends are important. In fact, many parts of the Bible talk about the influence of friends. How important we are careful in choosing friends because of their great influence. There are English proverb saying "birds of feather flock together". Observe carefully how a teen friendly, then you'll know which way he grows and how it goes later. Formed by the life of a teenager and with whom he used his time. When we long to spend time with someone, then not long later attitudes, values, and even our thinking about God will be the same with our friends about it.

Teens need to be able to overcome many challenges for him to learn, grow, and become productive. One area that is difficult for teenagers is their relationships with others, including their desire to enter and be accepted in a given environment.

Almost most of the problems caused by teenagers who carried out the daily handling of the situation with one. Problems can also arise due to the fact that "friends" is something very important in the lives of adolescents. Through his friends, teenagers can practice and experiment on social behavior. Through their friendship can refine the behavior so that more acceptable by society. For teens, a friend is a means of support in the atmosphere that can make them feel safe. Adolescents need strong relationships and friendships are sincere. A friend can be the means it needs.

When Friendship plunges
Because friends so important for our teens, we should avoid conflict with them in this area. We need to remember the teen years old. Maybe we've repeatedly counseled parents about friends and relationships that are not healthy. How do our feelings were when the parents are told?

When you feel the need to remind teens about relationships, build first a good relationship with him. After that, give yourself time to think about this chat. Do not just occasionally. Try to have a regular time to talk about this friend.

Discussions with him how important friendship and companionship. Help him to understand that your friends have good character traits like honesty, sincerity, modesty, aggressiveness, etc.. Ask your teen to assess as honestly as possible the people who often play with him.

While you both explore the character traits and his friends, try to make him ponder whether his friends is healthy for him or not. Are they influenced him to do good? Or they dragged him into the various issues?

Discuss with your teen, three forms of friendship above. Who is included in the category anchor? Who would like a buoy? Who is a snare? Do a role play / role play with your teen, such as "What if this happened to you?" Or "What would you do in a situation like this?" This is a great way to get into the adolescent mind.

Discussions and Negotiations
This is the key to hang out with teenagers. When our children enter their teens, this is a sign he began to teenagers, not kids anymore. Therefore, it is not the time to talk with him by way of the children first. Teens need to be respected as he is. He was happy when the parents asked for his opinion.

I remember as Josephus leave elementary school and junior high. She has some new friends in this neighborhood. Time is reduced because the second semester of his friendship he entered the class acceleration. His group had only six teenage boys. So it is understandable when everywhere they always sixes.

The problem arises when it turns out my friends Jo, although there are in class acceleration, turns online gaming enthusiasts. We began to fret. How does Jo get ahead with my friends so?

At first we gave him permission to play an hour a week with friends at weekends. Over time they play every day. Jo began to disregard our rules. Saved his pocket money to play the game.

Fortunately, Jo still appreciate God. He left no family altar times. We maintain good relations with him and continue to instill values ​​in her life. We discussed the word and value with Jo. We learn to negotiate and make deals. Finally, the tension was also completed after six months.

When Jo entered high school and meet new friends who loved the game, she does not need much time to assess what kind of friends they were. He formed a new peer-group prefer good music, exercise, and various other activities that are more constructive. That's what he's up to the current form.

Involve God
It's important to invite teens to think that God was concerned with friendship. Because of that, find time to discuss with our children about God's opinion of his chosen friends. Help your child to see how he could grow a friendship with God as well. Where God's role in guiding our children to determine a good friend?

Convince yourself to help your teen to look at God as a source of friendship. Make sure that the children we also invite Him into their lives and give them wisdom in choosing friends, including the process of friendship
Motivation to Build Friendship Among Adolescents

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