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The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers

The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers
Note : The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers
The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers

The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers
after  oneheath.blogspot.com  record on the impact and the influence of promiscuity, let us learn the importance of sex education among teenagers. objectives of the importance of sex education is that our young generation not fall on the dangerous of promiscuity. The importance of sex education for adolescents is the prevention of promiscuity.
The following notes about the importance of sex education for teenagers by oneheath.blogspot.com

The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers

Sex education or education about reproductive health or the more trend-its sex education should be given to children who have grown up or teenagers, both through formal and informal education. It is important to prevent bias in sex education and knowledge about reproductive health among adolescents. Under international agreement in Cairo in 1994 (The Cairo Consensus) on reproductive health that successfully signed by 184 countries including Indonesia, was decided on the need for sex education for adolescents. In one point of consensus is emphasized on the efforts to try and formulate a sexual and reproductive health care and provides comprehensive information including for adolescents.

While reviewing the various phenomena that occur in Indonesia, apparently still arise pros and cons in the community, because the notion that talking about sex is taboo and sex education will encourage teens to have sex. Most communities still holds stereotypes with sex education as a thing as vulgar.

M. Sofyan Sauri, S. Sos Centra Partners as a senior coordinator of Youth (CMR), which is one unit of the activities of the Indonesian Family Planning Association (IPPA) mentioned, so far, if we talk about sex, then that dawned in the minds of most people is the relationship sex. In fact, sex is meant to distinguish the sex of the guys and girls are biologically. Sexuality involves several things, among other biological dimension, which is related to the reproductive organs, how to maintain cleanliness and health; psychological dimension, the role of sexuality relating to the identity of species, feelings of sexuality and how to function as sexual beings; social dimension, deals with how sexuality appears in human relations and how the environment affects the formation of views on sexuality and sexual behavior choices, and cultural dimensions, suggesting that sexual behavior is part of the culture in society.

According to Sofyan, there are two factors why sex education is very important for teenagers. The first factor is where the children grow into adolescents, they are not yet familiar with sex education, because parents still think that talking about sex a taboo . So that from non know the teenagers feel no responsibility to the health of sex or reproductive anatomy.

The second factor, of know teens about sex and anatomy of their reproductive health, the social environment, other things being offered only limited commodity, such as the media presents things that are pornographic, among others, VCD, magazines, Internet, and even impressions Television also currently leads to things like that. The impact of know teens about sex education, the continued Sofyan, a lot of negative things happen, such as high sex outside of marriage, unwanted pregnancy, HIV transmission and so on.

"Well, when we talk about sex education, not only about the reproductive organs, but many things that we must learn, among others, economic, social, cultural, even political," said Sofyan and exemplifies the many CSWs (Commercial Sex Workers) where- where, this is due to economic factors, so they are no longer responsible for their reproductive organs and are not aware of the occurrence of viral transmission of HIV and other venereal diseases.

Therefore, Sofyan added, by learning about sex education, teens are expected to keep the reproductive organs on their bodies and others should not touch the reproductive organs, especially for young girls. "The organs of the reproductive rights of adolescents and youth is the responsibility of the youth to protect themselves from things that are not desirable," said Sofyan.

For teens who want to know the sex education, teenagers can access it through the institutions that provide information about sex education, one of whom Centra Partners Youth (CMR) Jl. No turnips. 4 Medan. Here, the teens can access the information about reproductive and sexual organs.

The Importance of Sex Education Sign in curriculum

Not be denied if talking about sex where is the topic of the exciting and excited. How he cried when sex used as topics covered thoroughly in school? Excited, full of surprises but many also value education. Today sex is no longer a taboo thing that makes us embarrassed to discuss it.

Maybe we just realized how important knowledge about sex because many cases appear promiscuity among teenagers today. If we're talking about promiscuity, it is actually already emerged from the first, only now it looks worse. Teenage promiscuity can also be triggered by the increasingly sophisticated due to advances in technology, also at the same time of global economic factors. However, just blame it all is also not the right thing.

His name was a teenager, puberty (13 yrs and over) was a period in which they are looking for identity and meaning of life. At times these teens also have a curiosity that is so big. You could say that a great curiosity, the more forbidden, more curious and eventually they dare to take risks without consideration first.

So .. there are some opinions that say, sex education deserve to be included in the curriculum in secondary schools, especially students at this is puberty. "Sex education is essential to anticipate, recognize or prevent the sexual activities are free and able to avoid other negative impacts," said Ahmad (20 years, student).

According to Ahmad, when he was sitting in school, she felt very less knowledge about sex at all, only a theory without any discussion that involves direct questioning of students. There are indications that more of an impression of formality, then the students were a bit shy to ask the curiosity and curiosity.

"Learning about sex is different from the skills we learn about others. For example we learn to swim in order to find out about swimming technique is good, but learning about sex is not learning how sexual activity is good, but what will occur or the impact of sexual activity, "said Said (radio announcer).

Means are shown at puberty, many teens are doing something just to answer their curiosity or simply went along with the trend. We take an example, they may arise in the minds of the opinion that, if courtship never kiss not valid. So at the age of courtship or love monkeys they are not shy and do not create an awkward kiss again, without knowing the purpose of the kiss itself. And once knew delicious kiss, they instead went to do the things that have not been worth it. They are not aware of good taste before, new problems will arise which could damage their future.

If it is excessive not only teens themselves who will hit the stone, but parents also no power to resist a sense of shame. Debriefing about sex is important and necessary once. The introduction of or education about sex, can be started by talking or direct discussions about reproductive health. With a more intimate or confide in, maybe the students do not even need to be shy anymore. Can also frequently makes his a seminar on sex by inviting experts who could explain in more detail. For example a doctor or a psychologist, a competent and understand the lifestyle of youth affairs.

There are some schools that already provides lessons on sex education that is inserted into the biology, religion, and Guidance Counseling. However, only lunch from the school would not be enough. Communication from parents and children also need to be well. You could say not many teenagers who dare story about his first kiss to their mothers. When we asked where they could know about Love, Sex and Dating, many of the responsibilities of a friend. Could be more stories from friends who cried he cried wrote it, which makes us want so well. Some say if the girl is still virgin, not slang. Finally, because of ignorance many who gave up his crown only because of four letters was "Gaul", also not want marital relationship outside of marriage can lead to unwanted pregnancies.

It seems not only teens who are entitled to a knowledge about teen sex and lifestyle today. According to Said, "Before the teenager was a given lesson, the parents must get knowledge about the lifestyle of today's youth, what are the things that is a trend among teens, so be interwoven open communication between parents and children. "Because it is not possible they are not near or far from the control of the parents who more often fall into the negative things.

The Importance of Sex Education for Teenagers

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